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Two Moves – 16 Years Apart

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Sixteen years ago, we first helped our client relocate from the city to a more traditional home in the suburbs. As a busy executive with an economics publication to manage (Econvue), Lyric recently called us again when it was time to move back into the city into a totally new environment: a loft.

Here, she shares her experience with relying on CMFTO to make her life easier.

Lyric TestimonialBefore it ever began, I knew our move would have to take place over the course of several months. With so many pieces in play, I also knew it would be daunting to undertake on our own. A staged move is enough to require outside assistance. However, a staged move from a beloved family home for five children into a new combined work/life home for adults is, frankly, overwhelming.

When Claudia moved us into our home over 16 years ago, we benefitted from her expertise. So, when it came time to move again, I knew exactly who to call.

After spending so much time in a large family home, we accumulated a lot of “stuff” – between five children and one grandchild living with us from time to time, our home became everyone’s repository. We were happy to be surrounded by so many memories and so much love, and, of course, the kids didn’t have to worry about making decisions on things.

Fast forward to a few unexpected life changes, and it became time to sell and create a new chapter. Not only did I know it would be difficult for me to move through this process, I also knew it would be a challenge for our children. Claudia is someone they’ve known their whole lives, someone they trust. She was a neutral, yet caring, voice for everybody. She helped us all make decisions on what to keep, what to let go of, and what to store for a later date when everybody has their own homes. I knew I wanted to keep some of the family items, and I also knew I wanted to be able to share them with the family. Claudia helped facilitate the entire process.

In addition to helping us sort through a lifetime of accumulation, Claudia designed the move to make it more practical. She has very smart ideas about moving in stages. Specifically, she moved the bathroom, kitchen, and closet (the things you need immediately) and had it all set up before I set foot in the door. The silverware was in the drawers, and they made better decisions about how to store things than I could. The things that I didn’t want to lose and that I needed for daily life were all perfectly in order. In the Japanese-style room with a lot of cabinets, all of our mementos and precious items were put away so that I was able to enjoy them.

Many people told me that I needed to downsize our extensive library of over 8,000 books. I knew I wanted to keep them. Claudia understood that this was a part of my work, my history, and my family, and helped me plan accordingly.

Now, months later, as our house closing is about to take place, I am facing the final “busy” month of moving. We left certain items in our home for staging, at Claudia’s suggestion, to make it easier for me. With those final pieces in place, a 9-month process will come to an end.

Moving this way, in multiple steps, allowed me to live. At no point was I stumbling over boxes. Things were kept elsewhere until they were ready to be undone. I unpacked everything in stages, all the while enjoying my new home. This was something I could not have done without CMFTO and Claudia’s assistance.

We love when our clients become repeat clients, and wish Lyric all the best in her new home!

All my best,

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