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What Does “Editing” Mean?

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We say it all the time: It’s “editing” not “decluttering.” But why?

Decluttering is about making space by removing items. Editing is about making the best use of your space by selectively addressing your needs. Sometimes that involves removal, but it also includes updating and refining your space.

More importantly, editing has a positive vibe to it. It’s lighter and doesn’t hold the same negative connotation that decluttering carries. For a task that most people find difficult, it’s important to make it easier.

Editing looks at the overall goal and employs various methods to achieve it. Removing items (decluttering) is just one tool in the toolbox. Just like we edit an essay to create the best possible use of words to convey an idea, editing the home uses the same approach.

So, the next time you think about “decluttering” your home, why not instead think about editing it? It will help you look at things differently. Instead of looking at what to remove, you can ask yourself “How do I use this space?

CMFTO - Editing Living Room

CMFTO - Editing Living Room

The nature of our business requires that we look at the big picture in order to achieve lasting impactful results, even on the smallest scale. Therefore, we choose to edit, because it’s about so much than just decluttering.

All my best,
Claudia, The Home Editor

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