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What is ‘staging’….?

You’ve heard us use the phrase time and time again. In fact, with the plethora of home shows on television these days, you’ve probably heard it from may other sources as well. Even Hollywood has gotten on board, giving their leading lady in “Leap Year” (Amy Adams) the occupation of stager. But what exactly is ‘staging’…?

Staging is the process used to prepare a home for sale. It goes above and beyond the normal “cleaning” or “tidying up.” Staging is about maximizing the existing qualities of a home, while minimizing the current owner’s personality. It’s about giving the home a mini face-lift, using existing pieces within the homeowner’s collection, usually by repurposing or reinventing. Sometimes it involves changing a paint color or buying a few new decorative accessories, but typically it’s not as extensive as that.

“Staging is one of the single-most effective means available to make a house more attractive to potential buyers. Instead of walking into somebody else’s home, the potential buyer is better able to see themselves in the home.” -Claudia McLaughlin

According to research based on surveys of real estate agents, staging can reduce a listing’s time on the market by one-third to one-half. Furthermore, a properly staged home can increase the final purchase price by as much as 10-15%. (Source: Wikipedia)

It makes sense. We shop with our eyes first. If we walk into a store, or a house, and feel a sense of clutter or too much personality or even too little personality, we lose interest. If we don’t feel comfortable or can’t find things with ease, we lose patience. Subsequently, we attach these emotions to the items or location themselves. And voila! The home is off the list.

So, the next time you’re considering a move, consider staging your home before you do anything else. And to do so you need to hire the people who are experts at doing just that: CMF Transitional Organization.

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