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Meet the CMFTO Team…..Renee!

Renee Bellew is more than just an Associate at CMFTO, she serves as the organizer-extraordinaire, working to assist Claudia and the CMFTO clients throughout the entire process. Whether it’s staging the home, organizing the client’s belongings or facilitating the sale or donation of furniture and household items, Renee is there.

Renee B.


What makes Renee unique in this industry is her approach to each project. In addition to being part of the CMFTO team, she is also a Certified Professional Life Coach, and she brings her professional expertise into everything she does. This is invaluable as we assist clients going through the transition of downsizing and/or moving. Renee asks focused questions that help our clients look at their situation more closely. This approach enables her to take time for each client, giving him or her the attention they need during what is often an emotionally difficult time in their lives.

“Many of our clients are not just moving, they are going through a lifestyle change. Our job at CMFTO is to make it as effective and hassle-free as possible.”

Whether it’s packing, sorting or repurposing, Renee uses her organizational skills to full advantage. Renee’s ability to organize and plan makes everything easier. Her attention to detail, as well as her attention to the client’s needs, is evident throughout the entire process.

“Renee keeps the machine going, well-oiled and functioning efficiently. I’m so glad to have her as part of the CMFTO team!” –Claudia McLaughlin, Owner

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