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What To Do With All Those Amazon Boxes…

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Amazon has made life infinitely more convenient for many people around the world. And if you have a Prime membership, even more so. This also means, however, that we now have a lot more packing waste to deal with on a regular basis.

Last week we talked about the “Someday Syndrome.” This is what happens when we tuck things away for later use… someday. Boxes are no exception. Many of the houses we’ve been in have piles of boxes in the garage, basement, or attic waiting for the day when they can be put to good use again.

Unfortunately, it rarely happens. Most of the boxes deteriorate over time, while taking up space in your home. The easy solution, of course, is to recycle them as soon as you’ve unpacked your items. There is another, more creative solution, though, that will also help you gain even more space in your home: Use the retail boxes to make donations.

Give Back BoxThrough the Give Back Box program, you can select the charity of your choice to send your unwanted household items using your used boxes… all for free!

It’s a win-win-win for your home, the environment, and the charities it serves.

What better way to keep keep waste out of landfills while helping out others in need? Plus, you will also be removing and preventing clutter from piling up in your home at the same time. We all think we’ll use boxes again, but the truth is: unless you have a specific plan in mind (like holiday shipping), it rarely happens.

Make it easier on yourself to keep a peaceful home by using the Give Back Box solution. They partner with so many retailers, it’s worth adding them into your household routine.

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