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Work From Home

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Before & After

The global pandemic has seen an increase in people needing to work from home. Indeed, we have helped several people make better use of their unused spaces over the past few months. Working from home has become the new “normal” and has required us to reconsider both the space we are in and how we use it.

Recently, an art historian and local writer contacted us to help her edit her home for sale. As an added bonus, her home office is now a more productive space, with fewer distractions. By focusing on what she needed, and what could be stored elsewhere or removed completely, we helped her create a more welcoming environment in which to write and work. This is another example of Staging to Live™.

Books, papers, journals, favorite desktop accessories, and all sorts of writing-related implements have contributed to a disorganized and cluttered workspace.

By focusing on what was essential and what was not, the entire space was reorganized to create more open areas while limiting the opportunity for more clutter. 

Our first step was to help our client create a system, by identifying:

  1. what she needed to keep nearby,
  2. what could be moved to a different area (still close, but not immediately accessible), and
  3. what could be removed.

After that, we helped her organize what remained to create a better workspace that would support her daily and weekly flow.

Now she is able to sit down, find what she needs, and focus on her work with less distractions.

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