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30-Day Clutter Challenge

Spring is in the air!! (At least the birds are chirping and the days are longer.) So it’s time to think about spring cleaning. Here at CMFTO we have designated April as:


To that end, we plan to share a new idea with you each week in April to help you participate in our Inaugural 30-day Clutter Challenge!

Just imagine, in only 30 days you could wake up with a cleaner, clearer, and more organized home, leaving you feeling free, refreshed, and ready to enjoy the longer days of summer that lie just around the corner. All it takes is 30 days. Actually, all it takes is 5 specific projects that we will guide you through as the month unfolds. Projects like:

Magazine management (4/2/15)
Clearing out excess dining materials (4/9/15)
Reviewing your pantry (4/16/15)
Updating your medicine cabinet and toiletries (4/23/15)
Tackling your closets (4/30/15)
April is the perfect time to address these issues. If not now, when? Let CMFTO make your life easier and help you through the process. Join us in the 30-day Clutter Challenge. You’ll be glad you did!

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P.S. Along these lines, here’s a link to a great and somewhat comical article we recently discovered to get you thinking about what it means to declutter your home. Enjoy! (click here)

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