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Repurposing Favorite Pieces

Last week we discussed freshening up our spirits. This week, let’s explore freshening up a favorite piece of furniture.

Do you have a favorite piece of furniture that seems to have outlived its place in your home? Whether it’s just looking a little tired or is the wrong color, repurposing is the best way to hold on to your favorite things while reimagining their role in your space.

In this week’s Before/After, our client had a favorite pink nightstand that simply wouldn’t work in their new home. After spending 40 years in their home, they decided to move to a senior community near Boston to be closer to family. In making this transition, they would be entering a new, more modern environment, in which they had to envision their furnture in a new way.



This beloved pink nightstand was a favorite piece for the homeowner. The question was: how could it be incorporated in a new way in their new home?



In order to make the master bedroom feel like home, we repurposed the homeowner’s favorite piece by updating its color. By doing so, we were able to provide our client with a fresh “new” use for their existing piece.

Updating existing pieces by reimagining their place in your home is the easiest way to refresh your space with minimal monetary investment. Repurposing can include changing a color, a position, or a piece’s usefulness. Plus, by using existing pieces in a new way, clients get to keep their favorite pieces. Win-win!

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