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A Modern Update

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On one of our recent projects, we assisted our clients with editing and updating/rehabbing an investment property in order to prepare it for sale. The clients had already moved out of state and were unable to return to oversee and assist with their home’s rehab. Steve Samuels of @properties recommended CMFTO™ and we were hired to facilitate the entire project.

From the first meeting with Steve, to managing all the details revealed in the inspection report, everything was planned out to the last detail. The home sold within two weeks of being prepared, and the client never had to return during the entire process.

On this project, we coordinated the delivery of wanted pieces from Chicago to their out of state home, as well as the donation, sale, or disposal of remaining items. We then hired all the trades and oversaw the updating and moderate rehab of the interior, including:

  • new appliances
  • new counters
  • new lighting
  • new carpeting
  • updating paint colors
  • refinishing of floors

Finally, we also recommended and oversaw the installation of a new HVAC system for the home. All of this was done without the client having to deal with the inconvenience and expense of managing it themselves from out of town. This was truly a case of CMFTO™ making it easier for everyone involved. As always, we were glad to be of help to our clients.

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