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Out-of-State Senior Relocation: How do you manage it?

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This summer we worked with a family whose mother would be moving from one state in between her children to another state nearer to one of her children.

This is a common occurrence we see among families who are spread out across numerous states. Initially, the decision to have our loved ones, who are still mobile and independent, live equidistant from their children is a great idea. It allows for more frequent visits and visitors. However, as the situation changes and independence decreases, it’s important to assess where our loved ones are living in proximity to family.

The question that most often comes up is: how do we move our parent from one senior community to another without causing too much discomfort or emotional disturbance?

Situations like these highlight the importance of hiring a Senior Move Manager. Here at CMFTO™ the importance of the client’s comfort is at the forefront of every decision. Often, we suggest that family take their loved one out for the day, so that we can quickly and efficiently make their transition as smooth as possible.

When it’s a move of a greater distance, it’s even more important to have the assistance of a professional to help navigate the unexpected details that inevitably come up.

While moving our client, we were able to mitigate the various issues that showed up during the process, and therefore provide for the client’s comfort above all else. By the time our client arrived at her new residence, everything was in place and organized. Our attention to detail, such as removing a coffee table for ease of using assistive walking devices, helped create a safe space that felt like home.

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