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REsponsible REcycling

In recent weeks, we’ve tackled clutter in basements and pantries, sharing our “before & after” photos with you. But what do we do with the more ‘toxic’ stuff that we uncover in the process?

Recycling gets its own makeover this week, by going above and beyond to become


Recycling responsibly is a key step CMFTO takes in clearing out unwanted items. Not only does it decrease the amount of garbage and waste we contribute to our landfills, but, more importantly, it prevents toxic and harmful elements from seeping into our environment.

At CMFTO we believe in addressing every aspect of your project thoroughly and responsibly, and that includes responsible recycling. We never discard something if it can be donated, recycled or otherwise utilized anew. No detail is too small, and we are committed to making a difference, for our clients, our colleagues, and our environment.

Clean-outs can be challenging and overwhelming. CMFTO takes care of it all, right down to those old paint cans that have been sitting in the basement for decades… and we do it responsibly.

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