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Claudia McLaughlin is quite clearly the passion behind the company. With a merchandising and furniture design background, Claudia has converted her extensive experience to create the uniquely service-oriented company known as CMF Transitional Organization.

“This business started out of my interior design business. Every client I ever had was never about just ‘putting drapes on the windows.’ It always became about coordinating a move and assisting them with their transition, whether it was downsizing, relocation or moving from the city to the suburbs, or vice versa.”

This approach to each project has enabled Claudia to create an organically staged home for each of her clients. They trust her to interpret their dreams, passions and personal style into a look that is uniquely theirs. More often than not, Claudia uses pieces they already own in new ways. According to one client: “It’s like going shopping in your own home with a personal designer and stylist.” As Claudia says, “I call it excavating the home.” The result is a fine-tuned representation of style and taste, while maintaining the individuality we all crave.

Claudia’s creative side is especially apparent when she repurposes existing pieces from a traditional home into a contemporary setting. She has a talent for tailoring each project to her client’s needs. Have a favorite antique from your great-grandmother, but prefer the minimalist lifestyle in a downtown loft? Claudia makes it work. In fact she makes the entire process so easy that some of her clients leave everything in her capable hands while they take a vacation, returning to their new home totally finished. Claudia delivers a complete package: beds are made, closets are unpacked and cabinets are filled. Whether she is overseeing a project for out-of-town residents purchasing a pied-a-terre, or assisting empty nesters with downsizing, no project is too big or too small. Everything is customized to the client’s needs.

With decades of experience across the style and design industry, there is nobody better to assist you with this type of transition in your life. Additionally, Claudia has assembled a team of organizers and designers that help her maintain a level of service that is second to none. She is truly the visionary behind the name, though on every project you will also find her taping and labeling boxes, while multi-tasking with painters and movers. Claudia is hands-on, and that’s just how she likes it.

“I am passionate about what I do both as a stylist and in assisting people during a typically stressful situation. That is the art and privilege of what I do, and I love it!” – Claudia McLaughlin

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