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Moving in 9 Days

One of our clients recently underwent a rather quick transition. Our realtor friend, Deena Schencker, was moving from her home and had only 9 days to prep, move, and settle into her new space. (We all know the expedient process of attorney review!)

Deena called CMFTO to assist with this whirlwind transition, and here is what she has to say about her experience:

I could have never done this without Claudia and CMFTO. Their take charge ability, including their vetted resources, made this very quick relocation easier than I could ever have imagined. As a realtor, and now a client, I plan to share this valuable resource with everyone I know. -Deena Schencker | Broker Associate, @properties

When you have a small window in which to accomplish enormous tasks, it’s always better to ask for help. Whether you hire a professional or enlist the assistance of family and friends, the old adage is true: Many hands make light work.

All my best,

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