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Upsizing Is More Than Moving

Often, when we think about our “glory years” after retirement, we include downsizing in that discussion. At CMFTO we actually prefer to use the term “rightsizing” because it’s about choosing the right size home to meet your every day needs. Sometimes that means finding something bigger.

When you’ve outgrown your current home and need more space to accommodate your collections and extended family, it makes sense to UPsize, especially if you can stay in the same town.

We are currently working with one such client who needed assistance moving their numerous collections of art, wine, books, music, porcelain, china, and clothing, etc. across town to their new residence. When UPsizing locally, the focus shifts from simply moving house to exploring the progression of a move. Given the time and resources, upsizing can be an opportunity to be deliberate about usage and placement.

In order to accommodate the client’s needs, everything was done in stages. Each collection was packed and/or appropriately bundled before making its way across town where it was artfully installed. In the end, the owner’s previous home was staged and made ready for sale while she was enjoying her new home with all of her treasured belongings by her side and appropriately displayed or stored.

From our “extremely grateful” client:

“CMFTO is the best team I could have imagined. They coordinated everything necessary to move the many collections my husband and I have enjoyed over the years.

In addition to organizing the move and installation of our wine cellar, custom pieces of art needed to be reframed and hung to fit into our new larger home. The extra thrill was they found some misplaced jewelry that I thought was lost! I cannot thank Kelly and Kathryn Mangel of @properties enough for sharing CMFTO’s name with us! (They also saved me a lifetime of back pain!)”

Moving can be stressful under normal conditions. When two homes and extensive collections are involved it can simply be confusing. Having a specific plan in place to move entire segments at a time is the best way to manage such an endeavor. We are grateful to our clients for entrusting us with their transition.

All my best,

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