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Setting the Stage for a Fresh Space

Editing, Organizing, and Staging are about making the most of your space. At CMFTO, we’re always available to help edit, organize, and update your home to maximize its potential – for your own enjoyment or for sale. 

If you’re planning on selling your home, staging is an essential step for maximizing value. The CMFTO team focuses on the process of editing and organizing while working closely with our trusted, vetted resources to address any needed repairs or updates. The result? An optimized property that’s ready for market.

Keep in mind that there’s no need to wait until you’re selling your home to create a space you’ll love. Our signature Staging to Live™ approach is about creating the home you desire, while living in it.

Are you ready to sell or looking to make your space feel more like your own? Let’s discuss your (or your client’s) next project.

All my best,

“After 35 years of living in our house in Kenilworth we decided to sell in order to allow another family to enjoy all that our house has to offer. However, a lifetime of collecting meant that our house was filled with far too many things, and we became overwhelmed at the thought of moving everything and really did not even know where to begin.

Our realtor suggested we contact Claudia, and after our initial conversation, we decided to hire her. It was the best decision we could have made. Claudia and her team knew exactly what needed to be done and in what order and had all the third-party resources at their immediate disposal to accomplish the plan.

Within three weeks the house was completely cleaned out, belongings we wished to keep moved and put into storage, the rest disposed of, the house painted and thoroughly cleaned and finally, staged for showing. We simply could not have done this ourselves.

Claudia has earned our highest regard and we strongly recommend her to anyone contemplating a move themselves or for an aging parent or relative.”

– Christopher and Anne Bird

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