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Staging the Family Home

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Often we hear when helping a client with editing, packing, organizing and staging their home is “I couldn’t have done this without you!”

We know how hard it is to look at treasures and decades of history in the family home and have to decide what stays and what goes. This is why we have a step-by-step process that allows us to work with you in a supportive way. Identifying what to take with you to your new home is the first step. Thereafter, we assess and figure out the best way to let go of the rest.

Our recent project was no different, and we’re glad to say that the homeowners were quite happy to have the help they needed to transition their space from “family home” to  “market/move-in ready” in only three weeks and in the middle of a pandemic!

These pictures show the first step to any editing and staging project: conducting a review room-by-room. Thereafter, the client’s treasures are appropriately boxed and removed to storage while the rest of the work continues in the home. 

As an added bonus, the best part of prepping a home well is that the move to the next home is more than 50% accomplished, with all the “wanted” items boxed and ready for delivery.

Stay tuned for the results from this quick turnaround.

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