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What Is Move Management?

Move management is a concierge-level service that helps clients address all of their moving challenges, either across town or across the country. Our clients often share that their stress levels are lowered after meeting CMFTO.

“Claudia and her team combine warmth and care with incredible efficiency,” says Sue Rosenthal, homeowner & mother of Leslie Glazier, a broker at @properties. “I couldn’t imagine a better moving experience!”

CMFTO’s custom move management services include the following phases:

Phase 1: Consultation

Initial client meeting to discuss move, timeline, and specifics, including:

• Do they need a floor plan for their new home?

• Editing of their current home?

• Are there unwanted but valuable items in the home that could be sold? Auctioned? Shipped to loved ones?

• Are items being moved to more than one address?

• Is there fine art to be crated? Wine to be handled or stored?

• Do basements & attics need attention?

• Do cars need to be shipped?

• Any technology issues to address?

• Are final repairs or cleaning of the home needed in time for property closing?

Phase 2: Organize Home For Move & Secure Quotes From Movers

We work with the client to organize and identify furniture & accessories to be moved. In this phase, we:

• Tag items for loved ones.

• Send photos of unwanted but valuable items to vendors, auction houses, or consignment; follow up with client.

• Box, bag, and distribute donations; share receipts with client for tax purposes.

• Address basements & attics.

• Coordinate meetings with movers for estimates.

• Share mover estimates with client.

• Decide on mover.

• Complete the move timeline.

Phase 3: Pack & Move

Local Moves on Pack Days

• Organize & pack the kitchen, delivering & installing at the new location 2 days before the move.

• Professional movers pack larger items, with CMFTO oversight.

Local Moves on Move Day

• Oversee truck packing & instruct movers where to place furniture in new home.

• CMFTO installs all items into the home, makes beds, and organizes clothes in closets.

• On the last day, CMFTO hangs art and places accessories according to the client aesthetic.

Long Distance Moves

• Oversee the packing of goods, crating of art & mirrors, and wrapping of furniture. (Boxes are thoroughly labeled as to contents.)

• Oversee truck loading; communicate delivery day.

Phase 4: Prepare Home For Closing

Remove unwanted items from home.

• Final cleaning for new homeowner walk-through.

For more than 20 years, CMFTO has specialized in various aspects of household moves. Our custom services take the burden off our clients during an often stressful time, offering them a seamless move management solution. We’d love to work with you on any moving needs you may have!

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