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Tips on Editing Your Home

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As we are spending more time at home, we’ve heard from many of you noticing the little things that have been neglected over the years. Staging to Live® is something we’ve been talking about for years and is now a common theme. Using this time to make your home more enjoyable is a common theme.

For the last five years, we have conducted an Annual April Clutter Challenge, and this year is no exception. In February, we asked our readers to identify their ‘problem’ areas. Many people wrote in, and this year we will be focusing on:

  • Photos and Albums
  • Kitchen Counter Clutter
  • Stationery and Cards
  • Toys and Collectibles

However, since it’s not yet April, and many of us are finding that we have a little extra time at home, we thought we’d share all of our previous topics for anyone who is needing a little guidance on getting started or ideas on what projects you can create for yourselves – or even the kids!

Come back next week, as we focus on ‘Photos and Albums’ to begin our 6th Annual Clutter Challenge!

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