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April is “Spring Cleaning” Month

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Every April, we start to feel the urge to spend some time “spring cleaning” our homes. For that reason, for the past six years we have designated April as “Clutter Challenge” month. From medicine cabinets to jewelry, paperwork and photos to toy collections and linens, we created tips and tricks to help you get—and stay—organized.

We know it can feel overwhelming when addressing years of accumulation. By breaking it down into smaller categories or segments, a previously unsurmountable task suddenly becomes doable.

Of course, we also know that not everybody feels up to the task, or has the time to actually get it all done. That’s where we come in. Our associates specialize in helping you make the most of your home whether you’re preparing for a move or not. If you need extra help, contact us. We love what we do, and we love making your life easier.

If you’re new to our newsletter, or simply need a reminder of what to do, we have compiled all of our previous Clutter Challenge articles for you, here:

As always, we look forward to bringing you more tips and inspiration on how to make the most of your home in our weekly newsletter.

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